Mascot Mosaic Mural

Quality Education Institute students were introduced to the art concept of mosaic by mosaic artist Jeannette Brossart. The enthusiastic 2nd through 6th graders were presented with the idea of using their mascot as inspiration for a mosaic art project. Brossart showed the students examples of different mosaic designs, on the 18th of October, so that they could understand what their project was going to look like. Brossart came back on the 30th to start the anticipated mosaic project that would be finished on the 31st. The mosaic artist describes her time with the students as “Delightful!” and goes on explaining the process to finish the mural.

“The students worked in pairs with two groups of three. They started on the eyes and beaks of the eagles so they could get a hold of the shapes and how to arrange them to fit together. Then the students worked on the rest of the body of the eagles and made creative choices with the pieces. Once the birds were done they filled in the rest of the pattern squares with blue and put tape over the surface.”

This project did not just inspire creativity in the students, but opened their minds to problem solving and math skills by working with a 14 square grid.