Artists in After-School (AIAS): Yoga with Bryan Carey

With grants from Nordstrom and Target, DPS Community Education partnered Durham Arts Council CAPS to create the Arts in After-school (AIAS) program which has brought talented artists to 6 local elementary schools in the Durham area. On May 17, Bryan Carey, instructor from Patanjalis Place Yoga, worked with students of W.G. Pearson Magnet Elementary. Carey opened the session with a spritz of rose water and proceeded to take students through their learned mantra of proper resting posture – eyes closed, legs crossed, hands to knees, tongue to palette, chin tucked, lips closed and spine straight. He continued to lead students through a series of yoga poses such as Mountain and Downward Dog. Through the program, Carey helps students to relieve stress and learn important lessons of discipline and healthy temperament. Denise Rowson, the Elementary Program Specialist with Community Education, says “The Arts in Afterschool Program is a great partnership between the Durham Arts Council and Community Education in Durham Public Schools. The program provides arts enrichment which is needed in our afterschool programs and gives the students exposure to different areas in the visual arts. We hope that this partnership will continue for many years to come.”


Written by Rebecca Pham (Education Intern)