Durham Arts Council CAPS: The Magic of Stories & Music with Braima Moiwai


Grades K-5 at Fayetteville Street Elementary School had the pleasure of celebrating the end of the year with special guest artist, Braima Moiwai with his performance entitled “The Magic of Stories and Music”. A native of Sierra Leone, Moiwai came to the States in 1986 and has been a CAPS artist since 1987. In his program, he introduced students to a diversity of percussion instruments, rhythms, and traditional chants of the West African Griot culture. As a Jali or oral historian, Braima uses music to tell stories of his ancestors and family. Embedded within the simple stories are important life lessons regarding values such as responsibility and honesty. In addition to playing and telling stories, Braima invited students onstage to play instruments and dance with him. Art teacher, Nancy Lambert and Principal Arrica M. DuBose even briefly danced with their students. Fourth grader Nelly said that dancing onstage was her favorite part of the program. Fifth grader Derek also said that he enjoyed the program, especially the stories Braima told. Derek also enjoyed dancing to the live music and found it interesting that some drums were covered in goat skin.

Written by Rebecca Pham (Education Intern)