Book EOG and Test Prep Programs!

Mad Science

CAPS offers an array of science, literacy, math, and stress/relaxation yoga programs to support student learning, and preparation for end-of-year tests. Check out these fun, creative, and curriculum supporting workshop picks:


MAD ScienceEOG Prep Workshops

Choose from the following programs: Exploring Ecosystems (Ecosystems), Wild Weather (Earth Systems), Magnificent Motion (Forces of Motion), Body Works (Living Organisms), What’s the Matter? (Matter), NRG (Energy)

$200 per workshop – Book Mad Science

Casey NeesSuper Cold Science for Tweens and Teens

logoBring your students on a supper cold journey into the amazing science of dry ice! Teaches about sublimation, temperature, wind shear, molecular structure of crystals and so much more!

$191.25 per workshop – Book Casey Nees


Melissa Rooney – Eddie the Electron

Eddie_FinalCover.inddGet introduced to “Eddie the Electron” and his atomic world. Help build electrical circuits, discuss magnetism, solar-systems and the earth’s magnetic field…through story.

$125.00 per workshop – Book Melissa Rooney



Chris Vitiello – Poetry Laboratory

Chris Vitiello

In this fun, fast-paced writing workshop, students learn strategies to produce more detail in their writing. Using experimental poetry methods such as cut-ups and erasure, mine their memories for images and vocabulary, as a gateway to personal expression.

$250.00 per workshop – Book Chris Vitiello

Mimi Herman – STEAM Poetry Residencies

Mimi Herman - Literary ArtsThe Poetry of Ecosystems: Create poems exploring how animals and plants interact to form miniature worlds in perfect balance.

$125.00 per workshop – Book Mimi Herman



Kim Arrington – Say Word: Poems that Perform

Kim Arrington

This multi-faceted series of poetry and performance workshops reinforce K-12 common core state standards in ELA. Activities in writing that increase self-esteem through written and public speaking skills.

$ Call for pricing (919-560-2718) – Book Kim Arrington



Jody Cassell – Dancing Math!

jody-cassell-danceJump into learning mathematics concepts – relative positions, geometric shapes, place value, the steps of long division to name a few. Repetition is the key to learning and through rhythms, song, and movements students will demonstrate mathematics!

$130.00 per workshop – Book Jody Cassell

Beverly Botsford – Drum Talk

Beverly BotsfordStudents use rhythm, drums, percussion, movement and language to explore culture, character and math curriculum. Participants will learn some of the building blocks of music through math – steady beat, groove, phrasing, call & response, dynamics and improvisation.

$250.00 per workshop – Book Beverly Botsford


Y.O.G.A. for Youth – Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness

yogaWorkshops provide a fun, active, and empowering introduction to the art and science of yoga. With an emphasis on stress reduction and emotional regulation, students learn postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

$100.00 per workshop – Book Y.O.G.A. for Youth