CAPS Science + Arts programs

Mad Science

Mad Science EOG Exploring Ecosystems program focuses students’ attention on using visual, tactile, and auditory teaching methods. Choose from different science essential standards for a hands-on, interactive FUN learning experience. Students get creative while establishing links to important content. MORE HERE


Casey Nees

Super Cold Science for Teens Bring your teens on a super cold journey into the amazing science of dry ice! Perfect for older students, this workshop teaches about sublimation, temperature, wind shear, molecular structure of crystals and so much more! Along the way your students will go hands-on with dry ice, making coins/spoons sing, capture gases and make canisters/balloons pop, create giant fog filled bubbles and observe a fog tornado! 60 Minutes. MORE HERE

Anna M. Maynard

DANCING SCIENCE! Dance into Science. Grade 3: Learn about the skeleton, muscles or joints, by drawing a skeleton before and after movement experiences that teach the functions of the skeleton. Students twist their way into understanding how muscles stretch and contract and create dance phrases emphasizing movements of the joints. Drums, rhythms and American Sign Language signs reinforce process. MORE HERE


Let Melissa introduce you to ‘Eddie the Electron’ and his atomic world. Help build electrical circuits (simple or complex) and listen as Melissa reads her children’s book, ‘Eddie the Electron’ (Amberjack Publishing, 2015), a copy of which is given to the class. Other concepts may include magnetism, solar-systems and the earth’s magnetic field, nontraditional careers in science (including writing and illustrating). MORE HERE