Duda/Paine Architects, LLC is a full-service architecture and lead-design firm founded by Turan Duda, AIA and Jeffrey Paine, AIA in Durham, NC in 1997. In its inaugural year, the firm won its first national competition for Gateway Village Technology Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has since evolved into an award-winning practice with an esteemed reputation and worldwide recognition. Duda/Paine boasts a comprehensive and international portfolio including more than one hundred design commissions, ranging from entire city and institutional master plans, cultural arts complexes, high- rise developments and corporate headquarters, to small-scale signature projects and commercial revitalizations. BOOK DUDA/PAINE

Skyscraper College

A team of two staff from Duda/Paine Architects provides a visual lesson and hands-on workshop. Using posters and a model example, the team leads the students through a question and answer discussion, followed by creative play — a ‘do-it-yourself’ model-making workshop.The following objectives are delivered through the question/answer discussion:
• History of the Skyscraper in pictures
• Who are the people who design Skyscrapers?
• Where are the tallest buildings in the world?
Special Requirements (Space, Tech, Volunteer): A classroom or media center space for Architects to set up in and for classes to rotate through. Tables for distributing supplies and building materials, space to display example model and presentation boards.
Maximum Participants:
Workshop Duration and Maximum Classes per Day:
60 minutes – 1.5 hours, 4 classes per day
Workshop Fee:

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