Aya Shabu

Aya Shabu has been a CAPS teaching artist since 2005.  A professional dancer, Aya is an alum of The African American Dance Ensemble performing with local notables, Andrea Woods of Souloworks and Mike Wiley Productions.  Aya’s love of movement and story has led her into the world of theater choreography. An Emerging Artist Grant recipient, Aya’s choreography has landed her in Indy Weekly Magazine’s Best in the Triangle 2012 for her contribution to theatrical productions: I Love My Hair and The Brother’s Size. A Lincoln Center Institute trained teaching artist, Aya believes performing history is a key to understanding past people, places and forces. BOOK AYA SHABU

GRADES: Pre-K  K  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12

Hayti: If Your Walls Could Talk
“… a long high pitched ‘Whoooooo’ cuts through the air. …the towering tobacco factory whistle bears witness to the droves of black women heeding his call to work; ‘He He Hey! Yesss, Saah!’. Contrasting this lively narrative voice, the dance offers the embodied story of a domestic worker, putting on her apron again and again, a costume, her mask of servitude.”- Hayti, If Your Walls Could Talk is an interactive storytelling performance about Durham’s African American Hayti Neighborhood.

Special Requirements (Space, Tech, Volunteer):
Stage Wireless microphones Audio/Video player Digital Projector Projection surface

Maximum Participants:
45 (contact CAPS office for larger groups)

45 minutes

Single Performance Fee- $437.50
Two Performances Fee- $657.00