Cap Tr groupCapital Transit is an energetic, four-part vocal jazz ensemble with musical accompaniment. Many of our songs are reflective of the New York group “Manhattan Transfer,” and we also branch out into blues, swing, pop, and Doo-Wop. What makes our group unique and showcases each of our talents is that, in addition to singing four-part harmony, we also accompany with flute, sax, guitar, bass, and hand percussion. This Triangle-based seasoned group of vocal musicians includes Laura Ridgeway (soprano), Lola Youngman (alto), Tim Smith (tenor) and Ben Palmer (bass). Dave Youngman tickles the ivories and drums are added for certain performances. Collectively, this group represents 125 combined years of performing jazz!! We offer our music history show, “From Bach to Doo-Wop: 500 Years of Music History in 50 Minutes,” an educational, animated and interactive show for students – giving them a memorable and fun learning experience about the music of Pachelbel all the way to Chuck Berry. BOOK CAPITAL TRANSIT


GRADES: Pre-K K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Music History Show: “From Bach to Doowop” with CAPITAL TRANSIT
Fun & interactive- 500 years of Music History! Never boring! Professional musicians sing 4 part harmony & play sax, keyboard, flute, bass, & guitar) They perform Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Blues, DooWop, & Rock music. Composers make surprise visits too! Packet & CD’s sent to Music Teacher month before show, to help preparation. STUDENTS WILL recognize famous pieces of music. With maps, illustrations, and teaching points in show, STUDENTS WILL understand the time periods. Kids will constantly participate, even playing instruments with the band!! Very fun!!!

Special Requirements (Space, Tech,Volunteer): Stage about 15’x12

Maximum Participants: 500

Duration (Length of Performance): 50 minutes

Performance I Fee:
Single Performance Fee- $840.00
Two Performances Fee- $1,080.00

cultural arts fair 2012