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Carter Community Charter has partnered with CAPS to bring artists into their classrooms since 2011 when the school was house in a church on Club Boulevard. Carter has since moved to their permanent home on Cornwallis Rd.

Principal Gail Taylor loves the arts. One of her priorities this school year was to make sure that every grade level participates in a CAPS residency.

So far, 8th grade students have written poetry on the Harlem Renaissance with CAPS artist Kim Arrington, 3rd graders learned about electrons and the future of science with Dr. Melissa Rooney, and 4th grade met Sir Isaac Newton in the flesh with Rick Brown. Students from 3rd and 6th grade participated in workshops with Lawrence Heyda. The 3rd grade learned how to sculpt the human head with clay and 6th graders got tech savvy, creating greeting cards with GIMP, GNU image manipulation software. Mad Science will visit the school in mid-January.