CAPS programs are fee-based arts experiences facilitated by professional teaching artists and performing groups.



School District CAPS Funding

Durham Public Schools partners with Durham Arts Council (CAPS) and provides each school with a CAPS budget based on enrollment ($2 per elementary/middle school student & $1 per high school student). Inquire to the CAPS office at (919) 560-2718 for budget or contact your school treasurer.

Area school districts provide funding for CAPS programs – inquire to your school administrator or district about arts funding, Title 1 funding, 21st century grants and magnet funds available to support arts/curriculum integration.

PTA’s support CAPS programs

Grant funding available for CAPS

• Durham Arts Council offers matching grant opportunities to schools through the CAPS office. Click Here to see if any grants are currently available or call to inquire (919) 560-2718

Community Organizations/Partners

• We strive to accommodate any budget

• If your organization is writing a grant or is in the process of locating a grant or sponsor to fund artist programs, contact the CAPS Director at (919) 560-2718.

Programs are funded through various sources. We aim to accommodate budgets of all sizes. Contact the CAPS office at (919) 560-2718 if you have any questions.



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