Planning for CAPS: Durham Public Schools

  1. DPS deadline to REQUEST CAPS programs and encumber funds is NOVEMBER 15th, 2017
  2. Click here to designate a CAPS Representative for your school. This person will work with school administrators, teachers and Arts Integration Team members to coordinate arts enrichment for the school through the CAPS program and/or other community arts organizations.
  3. All Durham Public Schools receive a CAPS budget annually based on enrollment. Contact the CAPS Office at 919-560-2718 or by email: to find out your school’s CAPS budget. . Grants may also be available through the CAPS Office and updated online.
  4. Encumbering CAPS funds process-  durham-public-schools-caps-encumbering-process-guidelines-2016-17.
  5. Review and select CAPS Artists online via the online artist directory

To Request a printed copy of the CAPS Artist Guidebook, call (919) 560-2718 or email

*An ideal CAPS Arts Integration Team consists of an administrator, an arts education teacher, a classroom teacher, a PTA/PTO representative, and other interested parties.