Shana Tucker

Lyrical storyteller. Soulful cellist. Dynamic singer-songwriter. That’s SHANA TUCKER. Her unique genre of ChamberSoul™ weaves together jazz, roots folk, acoustic pop, and a touch of R&B, into melodies that echo in your head for days. She’s the rare performer you’ve never seen the likes of before—and one you’ll never forget. A sought-after collaborator, Shana performs and records with legendary jazz saxophonist/composer Bennie Maupin, jazz drummer/composer Shirazette Tinnin, jazz flutist/composer Nicole Mitchell, and Grammy-nominated NuSoul collective The Foreign Exchange. Shana’s newest project, Women’s Work, is a female-led collective of jazz, soul, and pop singer-songwriters and musicians representing both east and west coasts. A front-line advocate for arts education, Shana is an accomplished teaching artist, incorporating community engagement, workshops, and teaching residencies into her touring schedule. Working with students from Pre-Kindergarten through college and lifelong learners, Shana is a North Carolina A+ Schools Fellow teaching artist with Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts. She is also a teaching artist with United Arts Council of Raleigh/Wake County (NC), Durham Arts Council, and The Smith Center for Performing Arts in Las Vegas. ARTS-CURRICULUM INTEGRATION: (MUSIC) (STORYTELLING/SONGWRITING) (MATH) (LANGUAGE ARTS)

GRADES: Pre-K K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Tapestry of Songwriting

Facilitated by ChamberSoul singer-songwriter and cellist Shana Tucker, “Tapestry of Songwriting” can be structured as a 1-day workshop, multiple-day residency, and/or “Informance” (information session + performance) for music classes, specials (orchestra or chorus), and regular classes. The experience is designed to introduce students and teachers to the essential components of song form (verse, chorus/hook, bridge, intro, outro); the relationship between melody, harmony, lyrics; and the role of musical storyteller through the art of songwriting.

Lesson Details -Tapestry Of Songwriting

Special Requirements:
Minimum space requirements for informance: 8’x10′ for solo/duo/trio (Shana + accompanist, guitar or piano + drums). Auditorium is acceptable as long as tech requirements are met.

For workshops/residency work: space would ideally be the music room or multipurpose room, where different classes can rotate out of that room, so that Shana can keep her set-up stationary.

Fee: Residency & Workshop Pricing

GRADES: Pre-K K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

ChamberSoul Cello & SongStories

An interactive approach to creating/performing songs and telling stories through lyrics, melody, rhythm, and chords. Presented by singer-songwriter and cellist Shana Tucker, “ChamberSoul Cello & SongStories” is an information session + performance — informance — experience designed to introduce the audience to essential song form elements of: verse, chorus/hook, bridge, intro, outro, solo sections; the relationship between melody, harmony, lyrics; and the role of musical storyteller through the art of songwriting. The program can adopt a curriculum-based or thematic approach.

Lesson Details-ChamberSoul Cello Song Stories

Special Requirements: Staging space in auditorium, multi-purpose room, the music classroom, etc. Must have access to electrical outlet source. A space that is between 12’X12′ and 15’X15′ will accommodate Shana’s ensemble. See detailed program info here.

Single Performance Fee- $1,200.00
Two Performances Fee- $2,000.00