Randall Leach

Randall+Leach+photoAllow me to help you to “Wake Up” any dormant plain white wall with a vibrant, energetic, colorful yet thematic and well planned mural project. I have over 20 years of painting experience and 12 years of public school teaching experience at JH Rose High School in Greenville, NC. I was born and raised in Salisbury, NC home of Cheerwine and Food Lion and I attended Appalachian State University for my undergraduate degree and then attended East Carolina University for my Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Drawing. Just watch how much creativity can flow from students’ brushes all in one enjoyable week. REQUEST RANDALL LEACH

GRADES: Pre-K K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Wake Up Walls with Murals

Students will be introduced to the mural process of African American artist Aaron Douglas and the Harlem Renaissance. Students will work daily, painting a positive school related theme and “Wake Up” a blank wall with a collaborative mural. Students will study the Color Wheel and use Color schemes along with the elements and principles of design to bring energy to a boring white wall. Students will rotate through various tasks, duties, and will experience team bonding and host a closing ribbon cutting ceremony.

Special Requirements: A wall approved by administration with close access to a classroom sink or bathroom. Digital projector and extension cord. Close proximity to outdoor ventilation if possible. Teachers available to volunteer with assisting student groups is encouraged and they will be included in the mural.

Maximum Participants: 30

Residency Duration and Maximum Classes per Day: 5 days are ideal, 5 classes per day

Residency Fee:  Estimated $50.00 per class/hr.

*Contact the CAPS office, as fee for residency and materials (paints, brushes, etc.) vary based on scope of mural project requested.